There are lots of faddy concepts out there about what foods you should be eating to make you feel healthy and amazing in general! Unfortunately I feel we’re losing the concept of what is a normal way of eating to keep our diets realistic, healthy, varied, balanced and affordable.

We quickly hear about what we should be doing with new “super” foods that come out on the market which are generally promoting “clean eating”. With this extreme, no leniency approach and with genuinely unhealthy eating at the other end of the spectrum, we’re losing sight of what’s in between – what we grew up with – and that’s a healthy balanced diet.

The #justeatnormal campaign

So if you’re cutting out carbs, protein or other nutrients, just remember, you’re not actually eating a healthy balanced diet. What do I say? Just eat normal. The #justeatnormal campaign promotes using everyday ingredients in traditional recipes to help you maintain a healthy balance with what you eat.

Sick of seeing avocado and coconut oil on Instagram? Love the idea of food that’s prepared with cheaper, more readily available ingredients? And want to enjoy what you eat with a healthy balance of foods? Then start using the #justeatnormal hashtag when you’re next posting in the kitchen.

Watch the campaign video