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Simple recipes by Warren Nash

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Apple Crumble Recipe

Apple Crumble Recipe

This crumble recipe is the daddy of all apple recipes! Impress your mates with an Apple Crumble! Chop the Butter into cubes and add to a... Cook this recipe

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Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

So I was asked by Central England Co-op as part of their Easy Eating campaign, to come up with a tasty dinner time meal...

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Vegetable Soup Recipe

Got loads of vegetables left over? You can't beat the flavour of home made vegetable soup.  Perfect as a...

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Seafood Tagliatelle Recipe

For the freshest seafood dish you've ever tasted, try my Seafood Tagliatelle Recipe. It's full of flavoursome...

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Coleslaw Recipe

You can't beat the taste of fresh, home made coleslaw. My coleslaw recipe is really simple to make with just a few...

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